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You may ask yourself, “what’s the difference between a broker and a consultant?” The answer is over 95% of all loads tendered go straight to an assigned truck, we DO NOT use load boards as traditional brokers do, and our services show this with on time pickups and deliveries in over 95% average. If we take a load, it is covered.

The transportation industry runs on communications and a lack of sound, trustworthy communications makes for loss of revenue to both the shippers and carriers alike. Highland Transportation understands this and utilizes the latest transportation technology, tracking technology and operations systems with McLeod transportation software coupled with GPS tracking, and a professional staff that is trained in tracking loads from dock to dock to ensure the highest level of service and ease in logistics operations.

We realize that each client is different and has their own unique way that they want their logistics business handled. Highland Transportation uses the latest and most common means of communications for load tenders, acceptance and record keeping. We update client websites to their requirements and offer monthly reports upon request of transportation spending. Each client is issued a Highland Transportation accounts manager for the efficient one call answer to shipping and logistics needs instead of dealing with departments or regions. This account manager is personally held responsible for your satisfaction with our service, in this manner we have accountability in everything we do as a logistics firm. Highland Transportation Group firmly believes that you, as a client, should speak to real people… hence our slogan: “Real people, real solutions, real easy.” This is why Highland Transportation Group is your answer to shipping, truckloads, and all your logistics needs.


Road Logistics
Highland’s primary service is truckload transportation management in the domestic US, Canada and Mexico. We not only offer it as a trucking carrier... read more.


Rail Logistics
We know that there is a great cost savings to shippers to utilize rail service when they have shipments that do not require the faster truckload services... read more.


International Import/Export service
At Highland Transportation Group we understand that shipping something doesn’t mean it will always start and end with the road. That’s why we also offer our International Import/Export service… read more.


We offer full service logistics solutions. While out specialty lies in truck shipments and rail, we have years of experience with transloading and organizing all other aspects of logistics management... read more.

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