The reasoning behind forming Highland Transportation was simple… follow old school ethics and values. We believe that transportation management and logistics consulting should be kept simple, not complicating things with buzzwords and excuses. Highland Transportation follows these ideals to set itself apart, and help keep our clients profitable.

Integrity, honesty, respect, fair-play, and good, old-fashioned services are buzz words that a lot of companies use to gain trust with very little intentions of standing behind them. Highland Transportation was built on a foundation of reliability and living up to what we say, and is successful today because we live by what we promise. We demand that each and every client receive the same quality logistics solutions service, no matter how large or small their business is. There is no compromise of integrity or services to justify numbers.

Highland Transportation enjoys the opportunity to listen to our clients, understand what their logistics needs are, and then build a solution that solves their logistics requirements issues and offers the best solution for them. Highland Transportation’s goal is simple, we don’t want to be the biggest, we just want to be the best at what we do, which is helping companies ship better, faster, and in more efficient manner.


Road Logistics
Highland’s primary service is truckload transportation management in the domestic US, Canada and Mexico. We not only offer it as a trucking carrier... read more.


Rail Logistics
We know that there is a great cost savings to shippers to utilize rail service when they have shipments that do not require the faster truckload services... read more.


International Import/Export service
At Highland Transportation Group we understand that shipping something doesn’t mean it will always start and end with the road. That’s why we also offer our International Import/Export service… read more.


We offer full service logistics solutions. While out specialty lies in truck shipments and rail, we have years of experience with transloading and organizing all other aspects of logistics management... read more.

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